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Best sites to lootear in Haunted Hills of Fortnite Battle Royale
14.02.2018 12:26

 If you want to know which are the best places to loot in Haunted Hills of Fornite Battle Royale we bring you together in this text so that you are the first player to find the most important chests in this new area of ​​the map.

As you well know, the map of Fortnite Battle Royale Free Money and V Bucks has been renovated with a few new zones, practically all of them located on the west side. We already talked about them when we told you about the remodeling of the map , and others like the mine we have told you its location , but now we focus on Haunted Hills, which will be, from now on, one of your favorite areas in Fortnite Battle Royale.

And it is that lootear in Haunted Hills of Fortnite Battle Royale is not very complicated since it is not a very large area, but finding the best chests before other players is another story.

Best places to lootear in Haunted Hills of Fortnite Battle Royale

Featured location 1: in the northernmost area of ​​Haunted Hills, where you will see several stone buildings and chapels. Look in them because there are always a couple of chests.

Featured location 2: in the eastern part of the area. In the place where you see a church, there is always a chest on the ground floor, and the second is on the bottom of the floor. For this you must use the peak. Then you have a third chest at the top of the church tower, so you'll have to build a ramp to get there.

Featured location 3: in the western part. You will see a gravestone behind the fence that always generates a nearby chest. You can also find another chest in the basement of a small church right next to the tombstone, although it does not always appear.

Outstanding location 4: in the northern area of ​​the area, a little further down the road. You must look for the basement of a building and you will find a good chest.

What is the best place to land in Haunted Hills?

The best place to land in Haunted Hills of Fortnite Battle Royale are, obviously, the areas where there are chests, because otherwise other users will have been ahead of you. To do this, try to land in the northeast part of the area. The bad thing is that many other players will do the same. Instead you can try to land where the fourth location and pick up the chest while others are entertained with the other most popular locations.

Once you leave the fourth location go down to the church, where Fortnite hack fur PS4 Kostenlose V Bucks you may no longer find chests, but there are several lost users that you can eliminate with the new weapons you have obtained.

You can make use of the chapels and tombstones as good coverage areas, and above that they will be worth much to hide and make ambushes. Yes, the map is not very big, so it is not advisable to spend a lot of time here.

These are the best areas to loot in Haunted Hills Fortnite Battle Royale , so ahead of other users.


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